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ECCO Golf Shoes

ECCO Golf Shoes

About ECCO

The pioneering ECCO spirit has driven us to become the world's fourth largest golf shoe brand. It's why we handcraft each shoe at company-owned factories using premium leathers produced at our tanneries. It's why we are the only major company to use Direct Injection. This process ensures our footwear is exceptionally durable while boasting unequaled levels of comfort, cushioning and flexibility. It's what led us to pioneer the hybrid outsoles and Natural Motion technology you have come to love and trust. We are passionate shoemakers and golfers. WE DO NOT CHASE TRENDS. WE CREATE THEM.

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ECCO Shoes Technology

Direct Injection Technology

Used to create all ECCO golf shoes, this advanced process chemically bonds the upper and outsole unit, creating a one-piece shoe construction without the use of glue or stitching. Benefits include:

  • Lightweight sole with a strong seal
  • Anatomical fit and high flexibility
  • Out-of-the-box comfort


Ecco Dynamic Traction System

A patented outsole design first introduced on the framed GOLF STREET model, the ECCO Dynamic Traction System consists of approximately 100 molded traction bars. Constructed from TPU – a highly durable, wear resistant material – these elements boast 800-plus traction angles to provide excellent grip in all conditions.



An ECCO-developed treatment used to make leather highly water repellent. This special process actually keeps the leather from hardening after repeated wetting and drying, keeping it strong and durable, yet soft and breathable.


Yak Leather

Yak hide creates extremely strong leather and offers exceptional abrasion resistance. The strength of the leather is due to the compact woven collagen fiber and closed fine grain. This makes it possible for us to cut the hides very thin. The result is lightweight, highly-breathable and extremely durable leather that’s ideal for golf shoes.


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