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Since 1897, MacGregor® has provided top-quality equipment to every type of golfer, from avid amateurs to history's greatest champions. MacGregor players have won tournaments all over the world — including 59 majors — but we're just as proud of the countless rounds we've helped everyday golfers enjoy. The MacGregor® tradition….products blended with craftsmanship, style, and modern innovation, with all golfers in mind.

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ARC Technology Face Putters

MacGregorAn innovative texture in the strike area of the putter face, that produces more consistent contact between the ball and putter face that generates a truer, more consistent roll at impact. The result is less bouncing and skidding of the golf ball that helps keep the ball on the intended line, resulting in more consistent putts and lower scores.
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Tourney Jr. FIT

Adams Hybrid ClubsIdeally fits junior golfers to the right clubs based on their age, size, gender and strength. This approach to proper “fitting” helps match players to the proper club length, club head size, shaft weight and flex, and grip size. With properly “fit” clubs, junior golfers will strike the ball more consistently, with added distance, making the game even more fun to play. MacGregor Tourney Jr. FIT - helping kids enjoy golf more!

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