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The famous PING Color Code System brings the benefits of custom fitting to the average golfer. Properly fit clubs can help you hit straighter, more consistent shots—regardless of your ability.
By matching the proper club specifications to your swing, a fitter can help reduce or eliminate undesirable shots patterns allowing you to play to your full potential and making the game more enjoyable.

Today, PING is the undisputed fitting leader with the most thorough and widely used system in the game. For example, a PING iron fitting involves a 5-step process that includes both static and dynamic analysis to determine the ideal specs—including lie angle, shaft length/flex and grip size—for your stance and swing. A PING driver fitting involves analyzing launch angle, spin rate and ball speed to match the driver’s loft and shaft flex to help you maximize performance from the tee. You can even have your PING putter custom fit to your stroke for improved performance on the green.

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