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Titleist Golf Equipment

About Titleist

Titleist is committed to being a leader in new product technology including better materials, design improvements, and product innovations that make the game more satisfying for the competitive player and more enjoyable for those aspiring to play better. Titleist...Golf's Symbol of Excellence.


Titleist Golf Technology

Titleist Advanced Performance Irons
Golf Ball Fitting

Finding the best ball for your game begins with the best approach. Proper ball fitting is conducted on the golf course and includes an evaluation of all shots. Since all Titleist golf balls provide exceptionally long distance, our focus places the greatest emphasis on approach shots into the green. You'll hit more approaches than drives in every round and these shots will have the greatest impact on the number of greens you hit, the proximity to the hole and your overall score. Learn More

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SM5 Wedges
Golf Ball Performance Plus Preference

Golf ball performance is the result of the design and manufacturing quality, and includes distance, spin control and consistency. Pro V1 and Pro V1x offer the best performance in the game for all golfers. That's why in Titleist Golf Ball Fitting, Pro V1 or Pro V1x are recommended most often. Some golfers ask us, "So why are there other Titleist golf balls in your product line?" While all golfers want performance, some golfers' preferences also influence their purchase decision. Feel, color, appearance (play numbers or markings), durability and price are all preferences.

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