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Winn Soft Grips

With their unique polymer grip technology, Winn Grips have always been known for their soft and tacky feel. The iconic Excel Series represents Winnís softest and longest running line of grips, providing amazing tackiness and cushioned comfort. Excel is also the premier grip for shock absorption and vibration dampening, making it the hands-down choice for golfers suffering from arthritis and hand fatigue for over 15 years. The WinnLite Soft Series features much lighter grips which decrease the overall club weight for faster swing speed and added distance. In 2012, WinnDry Technology has added all-weather playability to that amazingly comfortable feel with the addition of the Dri-Tac Series.

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Winn Firm Grips

Designed to meet the demands of high performance players, Winnís firm grips feature tackiness, responsiveness and all-weather playability as the cornerstones of their advantages. The WinnLite Firm Series has a responsive feel and lightens club weight for faster swing speed and more distance. New for 2012, the WinnPro Wrap features the new WinnDry Polycord material for a firm, textured feel and remains tacky in wet, humid or dry conditions.

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  • The superior feel of the polymer material in Winn Grips results in a comfortable grip and tension-free swing, providing confidence in your game to shoot lower scores.

  • By absorbing 65% more shock than conventional rubber grips, Winnís patented polymer materials greatly reduce hand fatigue, ideal for arthritis sufferers. Less shock and vibration means pain-free practice sessions and a better golf game.

  • With 40% more slip resistance than rubber, Winnís polymer grips require less grip pressure, meaning no more painful hand calluses and a smoother, tension-free swing for better results

  • Included in certain grips, WinnLite Technology removes nearly half of the grip weight to improve clubhead feel and add distance.