From video demonstrations to exact trimming instructions, Golfsmith's Clubmaker Resources is your source for everything you need to get the job done right.



Video Demo
Watch our clubmaking demos online and learn how to do it yourself.
Printable Demo
Handy references to print out and take straight to your workshop.

Clubmaking Schools
From basic regripping to complete club assembly, Golfsmith's Clubmaking Classes will give you the hands-on skills to take it to the next level.


Selecting Components
What to look for when selecting a head, grip or shaft.
Component Matching System
Three easy steps to help you select the right components for building the best golf club for your swing.
Spin Rates/Launch Angles
Dynamic fitting and the science behind spin rates and launch angles.
Introduction to Clubheads — Metal Woods  (274kb PDF)
Introduction to Clubheads — Irons  (261kb PDF)
Junior Fitting Chart  (1.14mb PDF)
Get the right fit for smaller golfers.

How-To: Regripping or Gripping Clubs

How to Select the Right Graphite Shaft
How to Select the Right Steel Shaft
Shaft PUREing
What it is and how it helps.
Shaft Selection Tool
Find the perfect shaft based on your criteria.
Trimming Instruction Tool
Look up any current or discontinued shaft sold by Golfsmith.
How-To: Shaft Removal
How-To: Through-Bore Reshafting
Replacing OEM Shafts



MOI vs. Swingweight Matching
Counterbalancing: A Sure Cure for the "Lights"
Understanding Golfsmith's Exclusive Shaft/Swing Matching System
The Short and Long of Fitting Driver Length
The Grip Evolution
Slipping Up at the Turn
Solutions for Slower Swing Speeds