Axial Composite Interlacing

Axial Composite Interlace Technology

Graphite Design has developed a new proprietary material innovation: Axial Composite Interlacing.

Composite materials are strategically aligned and interwoven to offer every Graphite Design shaft ultimate consistency. The axial orientation placed in the proper zone of the shaft gives you superior feel and playability. The true strength of composite fibers comes from aligning fibers across different angles layer over layer. ACI Technology in the 4-axis pattern has the strength of the 0, 90, 45, and 45 Reverse angle plies combined into one. The result is added hoop strength and structural stability with less mass. The superior playability comes from an increase in shaft stability, creating ideal launch angles and spin conditions. This technology can be found in the YSQ, QUATTRO TECH and QUATTRO TECH MD shafts.

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Graphite Design Axial Composite Interlacing