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Winn Goes Full Spectrum With the New PCi Grip
by: Jeff Shepherd
Marketing Manager, Winn Grips

Choosing the right grip for your game has never been easier. Once again envisioning and engineering the future, Winn’s new PCi grips allow them to offer the complete spectrum of golf grips. Whether you favor a soft, medium, or firm feel, Winn has the ideal grip for every golfer:


Winn Polymer Cord Integration Copper Grip

This year, Winn marks its 30th anniversary with the milestone PCi grip. PCi may sound like the latest in desktop technology, but it’s actually a unique golf grip innovation. Until now, grip makers had never attempted to blend the feel of polymer with the control of cord, but our new PCi Polymer Cord Integration Technology uniquely combines the two materials on a molecular level. For lower handicappers, that translates to comfort, control and feel, making the PCi Winn’s firmest and most durable grip series ever.

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Winn X-Treme Texture Integration Midsize Grip

Our medium category features the Xi7 grip. Designed for medium to higher swing speeds, it is the result of years of research and development with expert direction from swing guru Butch Harmon and pros John Daly and Natalie Gulbis. This version of our V17 material features a highly textured, medium-firm feel with added torque resistance. The result is a medium-feeling grip with a perfect combination of comfort and response.

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Winn DSI V17 Grip

In our soft grip category, we offer a wide selection of grips, highlighted by the DSi grip, which delivers a soft comfortable feel rain or shine. Our groundbreaking V17 Dura-Soft material enhances feel and performance. For Harmon, the DSi grips have “great feel and maximum shock absorption while giving you great control of your shots, in all weather conditions.”

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Winn - The ideal grip for every golfer
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