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PURE Excitement on the PGA Tour
by: Gabe McGrew
Director of Worldwide Clubmaking

Editor’s note: We recently received this dispatch from Gabe McGrew, a club fitter you’ll find plying his craft at Golfsmith Store 1, the showroom attached to our world headquarters here in Austin, Texas. In it, Gabe gives us a peek “behind the scenes” of the PGA Tour, and he provides even more proof that SST PUREŽ shaft alignment is an equipment adjustment that no serious golfer does without.

“I recently had the great privilege and honor to be invited onboard the SST PURE PGA Tour van that was attending the 2008 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in Ft. Worth, Texas. What an experience! No sooner had I entered the SST Tour van Monday morning when in walked Rory Sabbatini with his caddy Kevin looking to get some clubs PUREd. Before long, I was helping Kellen Watson, SST’s Tour Technician, prepare shafts for PURE alignment. There was a constant stream of activity, with a combination of Tour players, caddies, player reps and technicians from the other Tour vans coming in with equipment to be PUREd.

…I was amazed at how well SST is recognized…[and]…I really gained a valuable insight into how PUREing is performed…
“What really impressed me was how well all of the various Tour van technicians get along and work to help each other out. Despite the competition at the retail level between the major manufacturers of OEM equipment and shaft companies, on Tour everyone is collaborating to get the work done. Kellen, SST’s PGA Tour rep Arnie Cunningham and SST Director of Business Development Gary Sheppard helped introduce me to a number of the players and really made me feel part of the SST PGA Tour team.

“I was amazed at how well SST is recognized and respected amongst the leading manufacturers. While I was there, we had all of them come in or we were constantly delivering PUREd shafts to them for final assembly.

“I really gained a valuable insight into how PUREing is performed and how clubs are assembled for the Tour players. The various techniques I learned will certainly be applied in my clubmaking role here at Golfsmith in Austin.

“I want to give a special thanks to Dick Weiss for inviting me and to all the guys at SST for giving me such an unforgettable experience!”


Introducing the New Indigo Family
Meet the latest addition to
the Snake Eyes family
The New Snake Eyes Indigo Family —Designed With Her in Mind

As you may already have seen in the Golfsmith Clubmaking catalog, our all-new Snake Eyes Indigo family of clubheads, shafts and grips for women is now in stock, ready to give any of your female clients’ confidence a boost.

Originally, this series was scheduled for a 2009 product launch. However, at the last GCA Conference we got so many requests to offer something new for women that we accelerated our schedule to launch the Indigo family this season. It became clear to us that women’s clubs are much more fashion-sensitive today than they were just a few years ago. The cries for an other-than-pink women’s product in our Snake Eyes line were so strong, we felt we should do our best to satisfy this request. When we received our test samples of the Indigo models earlier this spring and showed them to women here at Golfsmith World Headquarters, we knew we had a winner. The response was consistently positive.

The family of heads include a 16˚ driver, a 19˚ 3-wood, 4-, 5- and 6-hybrids, cavity-back irons 7-SW and a frame-style offset putter with perimeter weighting—all with an attractive, deep violet–blue paint treatment. This set offers the easiest-to-hit club for each loft and should allow women with mid-to-high handicaps to feel confident over every club in their bags. The set’s graphite shafts from Aerotech feature ultralight weights with low bend points to promote high launching shots, while the new, color-coordinated Winn grip gives a super feel.


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Register Now for This Year’s GCA Conference

The 19th annual Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA) International Conference—to be held in Austin, Texas, October 9-13, 2008—promises to be a great experience for any clubmaker.

The Golfsmith R&D staff and other industry experts will be on hand with instructional sessions on many interesting, timely topics, like shaft interchangeability, competing in today’s marketplace and a new approach to fitting. A demo day and sneak peak at 2009-model products, as always, will provide good insight as to what will be popular with golfers in the next season. And the activities for accompanying spouses, as well as evening events such as the ever-popular Casino Night, are always fun bonuses on top of what you learn. So don’t wait: Call 800-456-3344 to register today. If you sign up before Friday, August 1, 2008, you’ll receive 10% off the normal conference fee!

Click here for more information on the 2008 conference and to see a schedule of events. If you're interested in winning Clubmaker of the Year, you can find more information about the award here, or simply download your application form for submission. We hope to see you at the conference!

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