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Golf Pride® Innovates in 2008
by: Golf Pride Grips

Editor’s note: Clubmaker asked Golf Pride to fill us in on what they’re up to this year. Here’s the latest from the grip brand that over 80 percent of Tour pros use—without being paid to do so.

This Year’s Big Trend: Great-Looking Grips

Due to a growing interest in personalizing equipment, a variety of grip colors and designs have emerged, and Golf Pride is at the forefront of this trend. For 2008, Golf Pride expands the variety of its most popular, high-tech grip lines to offer more colors and sizes. This gives golfers more flexibility to personalize their style on the course without compromising the performance and feel of their grips. Even Tour professionals see new colors and designs as a way of self-expression on the course.


Innovation and Technology

The hybrid grip is the most significant advancement in grip technology since the invention of the slip-on rubber grip. Hybrid technologies allow Golf Pride to combine a variety of advanced materials, like firm and soft rubber compounds or cord and soft rubber compounds, into key areas of a single grip to enhance performance attributes. Hybrid grips are being used by golfers of all skill levels, from the Tour professional to the amateur player.

For example, our proprietary processes bond firm rubber compounds to soft rubber compounds to develop grips that deliver comfort, performance and durability—as with the Golf Pride DD2® grip. Another example is the Golf Pride New Decade™ MultiCompound grip, which combines cord with soft rubber in key locations to deliver moisture management with comfort.


Shop the V-RAD's® by Golf Pride
Shop Golf Pride's V-RAD grips.
New Product Line

Golf Pride’s latest models continue to build on innovative technology and a commitment to improving golfers’ performance. Among the new Golf Pride grips to hit the course are V-RAD® putter grips, as well as the new DD2 and New Decade MultiCompound swing grip colors.

With the V-RAD family of putter grips, Golf Pride has introduced a radical new concept in golf grip design and technology. Crafted with intricate detail and cutting-edge cosmetic innovation, the V-RAD putter grip is available in three distinctive and vibrant aesthetic designs called Optik™, Shock™ and Silk™.

Each model uses a proprietary Advanced Composite Rubber (ACR) material to enhance feel and durability, while maintaining the performance and quality standards expected of Golf Pride grips. This exclusive, innovative material is engineered to combine a smooth, subtle surface texture with the optimal amount of tackiness to encourage a light, controlled grip for putting.

The V-RAD’s unique semi-pistol shape—with a flat front and smooth, rounded corners—fits the widest range of hand sizes and provides a satisfying feel for truer putts, regardless of a golfer’s gripping style. It features one-piece construction that makes it as easy to install as conventional golf grips.

Shop the DD2's by Golf Pride
Shop Golf Pride's DD2 grips.
Due to the popularity and success stemming from its introduction last year, the DD2 is now available in three new colors, an undersized model and a ribbed version. New colors include lime green, blue and red, which complement the already popular yellow model. The combination of DD2 grip materials and molding technology provides torsional strength and enhanced stability, which eliminates grip twisting or movement during the swing.

The black rubber material in the DD2 provides a stable, firm base layer that runs the length of the grip. It is visible at both ends, as well as down the front of the grip, creating an upper-hand thumb placement area for alignment. The softer, colorful rubber material is molded on top of the black base layer to provide maximum control and comfort in all weather conditions. The DD2 employs similar material and construction technology as Golf Pride’s popular Dual Durometer™ grip, but is evolutionary in material placement and styling.

The New Decade MultiCompound is the hottest grip in golf and is available in two new colors, sky blue and yellow. For firm all-weather control, this hybrid grip fuses high-performance rubber, providing comfort and responsiveness in the lower hand, with the moisture management and traction properties of cord in the upper hand. The MultiCompound is the ultimate in form and function. These grips are designed for players seeking both moisture management and comfort and are available in a 60-round core size.

With heavy use on professional golf tours and by millions of amateur golfers worldwide, Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet® is the most widely played grip in golf. To meet the needs of the evolving golf equipment landscape, the Tour Velvet is now available in a .620 core size to accommodate larger-diameter shaft sizes or for undersizing the grip on a standard-size shaft.

The Tour Velvet combines a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a computer-designed non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort and confidence. It provides an optimal amount of shot feedback, which is why it’s so popular with Tour professionals. The Tour Velvet is also available in cord models.


Grip Selector

Because the right grip for your game is so important, Golf Pride has developed a grip selector tool, available on its website, to help identify the best grip for any individual’s game. Using the grip selector, golfers can enter their preferences on moisture management, responsiveness, surface texture and hand size, to determine which Golf Pride grip best suits their playing conditions and grip preferences.

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