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Winn Grips: Designed with You in Mind
by: Ben Huang, PhD
Founder and CEO, Winn Incorporated

Editor’s note: Clubmaker is pleased to pass along this buyer's guide from Winn Grips. Organized according to firmness, it sets out all the distinguishing features of many Winn models (all available from Golfsmith). Itís the perfect chance to study up and improve your grip fitting skills.

At Winn we respect your individuality as a golfer. That's why we're actively developing new and exciting technologies to create the ideal grip for you. Our seemingly endless innovations, however, might seem a bit overwhelming at first. So we've created a helpful guide that will assist you in deciding on the best Winn grip for you.


If you currently prefer a cord or firm textured grip, you will love the feel and performance of our new Polymer Cord Integration line. We took our polymer material and integrated it with cord to come up with PCi, the firmest grips that Winn has ever produced. Our PCi grips come in three variations: full cord, hybrid and half-cord. Each provides a firm texture and delivers better club control, while combining superb comfort and feel.

For the player looking for a full cord grip, we recommend our Standard Full Cord PCi, which features cord throughout the entire grip. As a second option, we offer the PCi Hybrid, which takes advantage of our patented Advanced Integration technology. AI allows us to place cord material on both the thumb area and the back of the grip to give you greater control of your shots. The rest of the grip features our weather-resistant V17 material. As a third option, we offer the PCi Half Cord. Here, the back of the grip is buffed out to expose the cord. This allows you to feel the cord and creates more texture.

Any PCi grip will provide impressive durability and outstanding all-weather playability.


If you prefer a grip with a medium feel, try our Xi7, G8 and Excel Medium lines. They come in a variety of sizes and colors that will satisfy your particular needs and preferences.

Our Xi7 grip is available in three sizes: Oversize, Midsize, and Standard. Its deeply embossed pattern creates more texture to enhance your feel on every shot. V17 material makes the Xi7 ideal in any weather. Just ask Natalie Gulbis, who plays this grip every week on the LPGA Tour.

If you are looking to get a little crazy, opt for our G8 Rave. This grip uses V17 material featuring our visually stunning marble technology. Stand out from your foursome with this fun fashion statement.

If you prefer more of a traditional spiral wrap design, then you will love our medium-feel Excel grip. This contour grip offers a medium firmness with exceptional tackiness and shock absorption properties.


Winn pioneered the soft grip. All of our grips in this category offer maximum shock absorption—a particular benefit for players who suffer from hand ailments. Golfers with arthritis often commend our grips, crediting our soft oversize grips with allowing them to play without pain.

Our original soft Excel spiral-wrapped grip remains a bestseller. The cushion, feel, classic contour and styling have made this a premium grip for over a decade. Lightweight properties make it optimal for fine-tuning your club.

Our newer Dura-Soft DSi grip line gives you another soft grip choice. DSi grips come in four sizes and offer the unique comfort and all-weather playability of our V17 technology.

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The possibility of the ideal grip is now a reality. For more information, go to and click on “Choose Your Grip.”

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