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Four-Day School, Offered Two Times in 2010


In the past, only top-tier touring professionals have had access to this level of golf club customization.

You will learn the finer details of growing a clubmaking business.


Hands-on training, including custom grinding of iron heads.

Add new game-improving services to make your clubmaking shop more profitable.


The Master Craftsman School is the first clubmaking school to incorporate instruction relating to both clubhead and shaft design as well as customized grinding and head shape profiling. Instruction in shaft PUREing, custom grinding irons and other clubmaking procedures helps clubmakers add premium services to attract more golfers.

To keep the instruction focused and intimate, class sizes are limited. Sign up early!


2010 Master Craftsman Clubmaking School Dates

Two 4-day sessions (all Monday-Thursday):


  • May 24-27
  • October 18-21

*MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you do not think that this is the absolute best training school in the golf industry, Golfsmith will issue a full refund of your tuition fee with no questions asked, at any time before the end of your training session.


In a hands-on shop setting, students learn classic and state-of-the-art clubhead grinding techniques, including how to alter face height, sole radius, bounce and any other iron head specs.

This school also covers the newest fitting techniques, as well as the latest in club repair and customization.

  • Custom grinding techniques

  • Clubhead design and product development techniques

  • Clubhead and shaft design manufacturing processes

  • Swing analysis for club fitting

  • Launch monitor techniques

  • How to enhance every client's game through technology

  • Golf ball fitting

  • Interchangeable systems