Selecting the Right Steel Shaft

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Selecting the Right Steel Shaft

Who should consider a steel shaft? Stronger, more athletic golfers who are in search of more control and a crisp feel at impact with the ball. Steel shafts are heavier than most graphite shafts so they lend themselves well to the stronger golfer who swings with a faster tempo.

As with graphite shafts, there is no standard within the industry governing steel shaft flex, so stiffness may vary from one manufacturer's product to another's. To combat this confusion, Golfsmith analyzes each shaft in its catalog and assigns it a Recommended Swing Speed Range (RSSR).

To select the right flex, determine your swing speed, either with a meter or by consulting the chart below, converting driver and 5-iron carry distance. Find the shafts for woods which correspond to your driver swing speed. Find the shafts for irons which correspond to your 5-iron swing speed.


When a swing speed device is not available, this chart may be used to approximate swing speed based on driver carry distance or the club used to approach the green from 150 yards. (Based on average club lengths and lofts.)
 Shaft Flex Driver
Swing Speed (mph)
Carry Distance (yards)
Club From 150 yards
 Extra-Stiff 105 + 260 + 8 or 9-iron
 Stiff 90-105 240-260 6 or 7-iron
 Regular 80-95 210-240 5 or 6-iron
 Flexible (A-Flex) 70-85 180-210 4-iron
 Ladies' Less than 70 Less than 180 3-iron/lofted wood