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About the Complete Clubmaker Training Program

Learning how to build golf clubs may seem intimidating at first, but thousands of golfers
have started a great hobby after attending Golfsmith's Complete Clubmaker's Training
School. Our large classroom, workbench facilities and limited class sizes allow
Golfsmith's veteran instructors (with over 150 years of experience in the industry)
to spend the majority of time facilitating your ability to learn the craft.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Primary Club Fitting

  • How to measure for club length,
    lie angle and grip size

  • How to select the proper flex, bend
    profile and shaft type

  • Determine the proper set makeup
    for each individual player

  • Fitting for physically
    challenged players

  • Fitting for men, women and children

  • Putter fitting

Club Assembly

  • Shaft trimming and preparation

  • Hosel preparation

  • Swingweighting

  • Assembly-woods and irons

  • Ferrule finishing

  • Grip installation

Bench Skills

  • Removing grips intact

  • Grip sizing

  • Loft and lie adjustments

  • Shaft removal

  • Boring hosels for woods and irons

  • Shaft installation for standard
    and bore-through hosel configurations

  • Shaft trimming

  • Installing shaft extensions

Assemble a Pured graphite shafted driver
and steel shafted wedge, which is yours
to take home!

2016 Complete Clubmakers School Dates

2016 Dates:
  • March 1 - 4             September 13 - 16
  • April 19 - 22            October 25 - 28
  • May 17 - 20              
  • July 12 - 15              

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MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you do not think that this is the absolute best training school in the golf industry, Golfsmith will issue a full refund of your tuition fee with no questions asked, at any time before the end of your training session.