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Golfsmith founded the golf club components custom clubmaking industry in 1967 and remains a driving force in golf’s custom club design and components industry. We deliver quality products based on the latest technologies and tested for performance, consistency and durability. In fact, we’re the only golf designer in the golf club components industry to employ a swing robot to test clubheads and shafts for strength, accuracy and distance.

Over the past 39 years, Golfsmith’s team of innovators has been responsible for many technical firsts. We continue this tradition today – designing, testing and marketing golf clubs, clubhead components, shafts, grips and club assembly tools under our proprietary brands: Lynx®, Zevo®, Snake Eyes®; Golfsmith®, and Killer Bee® brands. No other golf retailer designs and markets custom-fit golf clubs and components.

We serve hundreds of thousands of clubmakers worldwide through our Clubmakers Catalog, our retail stores and our Clubmaker’s Site at golfsmith.com. We also provide year-round Clubmaker Training Programs for professional clubmakers and hobbyists.

Clubmaker Magazine

In 1980, the company introduced its Golfsmith Clubmaker, an informational and technical news magazine designed to promote the art and business of custom clubmaking. The magazine, which is published eight times annually and is the most widely read technical publication in the golf industry, includes technical information on golf equipment and clubmaking, golf tips, new product news and case histories about professional clubmakers.

Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA)

In 1980, Golfsmith founded the Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA), the largest clubmaking organization in the golf industry and the first organization formed to give clubmakers a forum for sharing information and learning more about the craft of clubmaking. Each year, Golfsmith hosts clubmakers at its annual GCA Conference in Austin to discuss the latest technical information, golf industry trends, assess new products from a host of product vendors and network within the industry.