Golf Ball Buyer’s Guide

We can help you find the right golf ball for your game based on your playing needs and goals.

Ball Type
  • Distance Balls: A ball designed to react quickly off the clubface for maximum speed, which results in overall distance. Distance balls are often two-piece designs with cores designed for maximum velocity off the clubface.

  • Spin Control Balls: A ball designed to reduce spin and help manage hook or slice tendencies. Golfers who are seeking to reduce hooks and slices may seek a low-spin golf ball.

  • Total Performance: A ball intended to create the best balance of spin, distance and control. Total performance balls are often multilayer, multi-construction golf balls. Total performance balls are preferred by better players.

  • Two-Piece Balls feature dual construction made up of a large solid inner core (that generates excellent distance) surrounded by a highrestitution outer cover. This enables maximum energy transfer to the ball at impact.

  • Multi-Layer Balls are typically three or four layers in which the core is wrapped in one or two mantle layers under an outer cover. Three-piece and four-piece golf balls are a good match for golfers with moderate to high clubhead speeds who want distance and feel.

  • Surlyn Cover: Surlyn is an extremely durable, but slightly harder cover material. Surlyn withstands nicks and cuts better but offers less feel.

  • Urethane Cover: Typically softer and offers greater feel and control over the ball, from the golfer's aspect. Urethane covers are usually found on multi-layer balls and are typically found in total performance golf balls.

Frequently Asked Questions: Golf Balls

Q: Why are there so many golf ball options to choose from?
A: Today’s golf balls are designed with specific types of golfers in mind. The number of core and cover combinations is nearly unlimited based on the types of materials engineers use to create golf balls. Combined with increasingly creative aerodynamic dimple designs, golf balls can be designed with specific playing characteristics like low trajectory, low spin, etc. There are even golf balls designed specifically for women. Take your time and find the ball that is the best fit for your game and goals.

Q: I want to hit it long off the tee but not give up feel around the green. Which ball is right for me?
A: If distance is your goal off the tee but you still want to maintain soft feel on approach shots and around the green, then a total performance ball should be your choice. These balls typically cost more than pure distance balls, but the performance characteristics of these balls can’t be beat. Keep in mind that not all performance balls are the same either. Some feature dimple patterns or covers that are designed to spin more, while others may be designed for higher launch and less spin. Analyze the performance characteristics carefully and find the one that will help you achieve your goals.

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