Golf Carts Buyer’s Guide

Golf carts are a great way to get your gear around the course.

Carts fall into a family all their own, since there are so many variations and options from which you can choose; it's almost like picking out a car. Generally speaking, carts are made in two styles:

Pull Carts:

These are designed with two wheels. They are constructed of either aluminum or steel. The steel pull cart is typically an entry-level cart, and the aluminum pull cart is a step up from it. The pull cart's two wheels are a little less maneuverable on the course than the three wheeled push cart.

Push Carts:

These carts are mid-range to high-end carts with three wheels. They are easier to handle because their design creates less traction and friction as the golfer pushes it around the course. There are lots of new designs that increase performance, easy collapsibility and compact storage.

The New Cart Designs are:

  • lighter in weight
  • easier to assemble and disassemble
  • able to position the bag for easier club access
  • able to offer more maneuverability than previous designs

Golf Equipment Buyer's Guide