Golf Grips Buyer's Guide

Taking time to find the right grip for your hand size and feel preference is important since it is your only contact point with the club and affects how you release the club through impact.


Grips come in a variety of sizes including jumbo, oversize, midsize, ladies and junior. Choose the size that most closely matches your hand specs to ensure the best comfort and performance. A grip that is too small will cause unneeded tension in your hands. A grip that is too big may prohibit proper release of the club.


Decide which grips feel best in your hands. Choose from:


Grips come with many different performance characteristics, including moisture absorption, tackiness and ribbing. If you play in wet or moist conditions, you may want to consider a moisture absorbing grip or corded grip. If you play in extremely dry conditions, consider getting a grip that stays tacky under such conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions: Golf Grips

Q: How often should I change my grips?
A: Independent studies show that golfers who play 18 holes per week should change their grips at least once per year. Similar studies show that golfers who have been playing with worn grips show immediate improvement in their scores after regripping - some as much as 3-4 strokes difference.

Q: How hard is it for me to change my own golf grips?
A: Changing your own grips is a 1-2-3 process:

  1. Remove your old grips and clean the shaft of old grip tape and debris
  2. Apply grip tape and grip solvent
  3. Slide on the new grip

We sell grip kits that include nearly all of the supplies you need to change your own grips. Most grip kits include 13 professional grips, two-way grip tape, grip solvent, rubber vise clamp, and easy-to-follow instructions. In addition, you will need a vise, utility knife, muscle power and about 30-45 minutes to finish the job. Ask a store caddy about upcoming free regripping demonstrations. Or check out our Golfsmith Clubmaking regripping video for detailed demonstrations and information.

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