Junior Golf Club Buyer's Guide

Starting your junior golfer out with the right choices and the best equipment can make the game of golf more than just an extracurricular activity or hobby for them - it could become a passion.


The junior set remains one of the best values in golf. Choosing the correct set can be difficult with the number of selections that are offered today. More often than not all sets include a bag, at least one wood, one iron, and one putter. From there the choices depend on the preferences of the golfer with a little advice from you, the experienced golfer.


Kids are typically sized for clubs by age. If your child is taller than average you may have to jump up an age bracket to fit them properly. If you are unsure what size they need, get them measured and fitted for the proper set. Regardless of what style or type of equipment you or your novice golfer decide on, it will be the right one…after all, the gift of golf is a gift for life.

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