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Golf Tips for Fitness
Shoulder Surgery Exercises

Shoulder surgery occurs after an extreme injury to one of the ligaments, tendons or bones in the muscle joint. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, the shoulder joint can move in a larger range... (more)

Golf Wrist Pain

Pain and injury to the wrist can greatly impeded a golfer's performance. In addition to the physical pain, there can also be an aversion to taking a full swing when injured due to the fear of striking the ground with the club... (more)

Core Lower Back Exercises

The core lower back forms the axis for a golfer's swing, so keeping it flexible and strong is paramount to golfers. Golfers will benefit greatly from these easy exercises... (more)

Workout Program Specific for Golf

The American College of Sports Medicine studied the impact of walking a full 18 holes on a golfer's game in May of 2008. The result was a noticeable deterioration in the velocity and accuracy of the swing... (more)

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Golf Tips for Training
Basics to Home Golf Training

When playing golf, attempting to make changes to your swing while out on the course is often a recipe for further frustration, as a round does not provide the volume of shots needed for adjustments... (more)

Golf Instruction Training Aids & Useful Tips

n golf it always helps to have an edge. Sometimes your edge can be a special piece of equipment you train with or some advice that helps you keep a focus on your game. Whether you want to improve your game... (more)

Golf Mats

Golf mats are used as tees at driving ranges and golf courses, as private in-home practice tees, and as putting greens in training centers, sporting goods stores and homes... (more)

Golf Practice Net Setup Instructions

Using a golf net to work on your swing is an excellent way to get in some practice time without having to spend a lot of money on range balls. While the installation of a net is a relatively simple process... (more)

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