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Project X Wood and Hybrid Shaft Technology

By: Don Brown

Product Development Manager and Designer
Grafalloy, Project X

Introducing Project X wood and hybrid shafts, combining the tradition and playability of the highest performance iron shaft on tour with cutting-edge carbon fiber technology.

Heritage: Project X iron shafts were developed and designed based on feedback from professional golfers. The straight tapered mid-section with extra firm tip has provided dispersion and spin control unmatched by any iron shaft. Project X wood and hybrid shafts are no different. The first generation shafts were introduced to tour in mid-2008 as the X-prototype, and designs were modified and reconfigured based on player feedback to produce the final product. By the end of 2008, more than 20 X-prototypes were in play each week, including one victory, several top 10 finishes and a place in the bag of a Ryder Cup competitor.

Technology: Designers started with what makes Project X distinctive. Still present is the familiar geometry profile with a short tip section, varied taper rate for each flex and stable constant diameter butt section. Project X wood and hybrid shafts were fine tuned using Zonal Design Theory (ZDT). ZDT utilizes specialized technologies to enhance the performance of each section of the shaft—butt, mid and tip—for their specific function. Combining the Project X geometry with ZDT, designers created wood and hybrid shafts that live up to the performance expectation associated with the Project X name.

The Shafts

Wood: The constant profile butt section uses hex-axial reinforcement which constrains out- of-cross- sectional deformation, preventing energy loss. The mid-section features a uniform flex gradient which gives a smooth feel and allows the shaft to load and unload evenly without energy robbing localized bending. The tip section is reinforced by two full length wraps of 55MSI graphite which greatly reduces off target line deformation (droop) and lag for a more stable feel, consistent launch and spin reduction unparalleled by other tour caliber shafts.

Hybrid: Project X hybrid finally answer s the better player’s prayers—a graphite shaft that will perform in his hybrid clubs the way Project X performs in his irons. The Project X hybrid shaft starts with the EI profile of the Project X iron shaft and uses ZDT to optimize shaft performance. Like the wood shaft, the butt section has hex-axial reinforcement for energy conservation and stability in the down swing. A Bi-modal material angle in the mid-section helps the shaft to achieve 2.0° of torque while conserving the important Project X feel. The tip section uses variable length multi-modulus flags to control launch and spin on every shot which provides precision accuracy and distance control.

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