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Belly Putters will increase your accuracy, decrease your score and improve your game. Belly putters are so efficient and successful attempts have been made to ban them from the PGA Tour; however, PGA tour players use them and win consistently and no ban has ever been adopted.

By balancing the end of the putter against the body, the putter provides a fulcrum to pivot the club around, making it easier to create a straight pendulum motion along the target line. The contact with the body eliminates twisting and turning in the hips and wrists, creating a more consistent and straighter shot.

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How long should my Belly Putter be?

Belly Putter UsageHold a regular-length putter in both hands, and approach the ball with your feet in your natural position when addressing a putt. Place the putter head behind the ball, and relax your body so that you are in your most comfortable putting stance.   More

How do I use a Belly Putter?

Belly Putter UsageExtend your left hand with the knuckles facing away from your body for a right-handed golfer. Place the club in the fingers with the thumb on top of the belly putter shaft. Bend at the waist with the belly putter shaft touching your belly button.   More

More Belly Putter techniques

Belly Putter UsageYou’ve probably tried everything, but your golf handicap is still climbing. You have bought more putters than socks, but you still you miss several makeable putts. Perhaps it’s time you tried a belly putter.   More


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