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Hank Haney Plane Finder

The Hank Haney PlaneFinder

"The beauty of the PlaneFinder is that you find out immediately what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong," said Hank Haney. "And then by making subtle adjustments to the swing, every golfer can quickly discover their proper plane and how to remain on it. There's a big difference between 'feel' and 'real' and the PlaneFinder never lies.

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"I dropped my handicap from a 10 to a 5 AND PLAN ON GETTING TO A SCRATCH! Thank you PlaneFinder and thanks Hank." -Bryan -Bethesda, MD



"Being a former professional athlete and knowing what it takes to train like a pro, all I can say is thank you PlaneFinder!!!" - Roger Brown Superbowl Champion Giants

"If you are swinging on plane it's hard to hit bad shots. That's the bottom line." - Howard , FL


"Thanks Hank! The PlaneFinder has changed my game. I am hitting the ball longer and straighter. I used to slice but I have started to see a few draws!" - Clint - Long Beach, CA

"OMG!!!! I never could stop coming over the top because I couldn't ever FEEL it. The PlaneFinder is so easy to use and tells me everything I need to know." - Marc - Oakland, CA


"This is incredible. Every time I hit one of the thingies or indicators I can almost hear in my head Hank saying, 'Nope too far from the outside.' It's so easy to correct I can't believe how easy this is to use." - Lou C - Lauderhill, FL

"The PlaneFinder Rocks!!!!!!" - Sara Brown, LPGA Tour Player