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Itís no mystery that age and experience bring changes to the mechanics of your golf game, so itís only natural that your gear changes, too. Golfsmith has all the equipment for seasoned players from golf clubs to shoes to course accessories, so make us your headquarters for staying on top of your game.

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Golf Tips for Senior Players
How to Qualify for the Senior PGA

The Senior PGA Tour is now called the Champions Tour. Many of the greatest players of all time, including Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, have played this tour for golfers 50 and older. To play in such company... more

How to Get a Golf Swing Rhythm Back

It happens to everybody. You are playing well, perhaps in one of the better hot streaks of your life. You are hitting the ball well, your short game is productive and your putter is hot. You are scoring well l... more

Can You Take the Golf Back Swing Too Slow?

Despite what you may have heard, your backswing can be too slow. The backswing sets up the downswing, and if you swing too slowly, you will not develop enough clubhead speed to hit the ball a long way. But... more

Core Lower Back Exercises

The core lower back forms the axis for a golfer's swing, so keeping it flexible and strong is paramount to golfers. Golfers will benefit greatly from these easy exercises... more

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