Tour Striker Training Aid

Tour Striker Golf Swing Training Aid

Just by hitting balls with the Original Tour Striker or Tour Striker Pro training clubs, your impact position will become closer to Tour quality. The Tour Striker is guaranteed to increase your lag and improve your ball striking.

The Original Tour Striker is targeted for mid-to-high handicap golfers (10 and above) and slower swing speeds (under 90 mph with driver), while the Tour Striker Pro is geared for dedicated player with higher swing speeds and a handicap of 10 or less.

Golfsmith also offers the Tour Striker 56 degree wedge, the Tour Striker 5 iron, and the Tour Striker for women and younger players who wish to improve their game. The ladies/junior model is slightly shorter than the regular Tour Striker (35 inches vs. 36 inches) and has a graphite shaft appropriate for women and juniors. Tour Strikers are available in both right and left hand models.

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Which Tour Striker is right for you?
  Tour Striker 8 Tour Striker 56 Degree Wedge  Tour Striker
Leading Edge 0.530" 0.750" 0.530"
Length 36 Inches 35 Inches 35 Inches
Loft 36 Degrees (strong 8-iron) 56 Degrees 36 Degrees
(strong 8-iron)
Lie Angle 63 Degrees 64 Degrees 63 Degrees
Shaft Flex Regular - Steel & Graphite - .370 Parallel Tip Wedge Flex - Steel & Graphite - .370 Parallel Tip Graphite - .370 Parallel Tip
Grip Rubber "Crossline" Round Rubber "Crossline" Round Rubber "Crossline" Round

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