How to Choose Irons

Choosing the right iron set can help you hit the ball more accurately and lower your scores.


Clubhead size is the first thing to consider when choosing a set of irons


Steel shafts are heavier and offer the greatest amount of feedback and control during the swing. Graphite shafts are lighter and absorb vibration at impact.


Choosing the right shaft flex is also important to maximize distance and accuracy. In general, a slower swing speed player should use a more flexible shaft (L, A, R) to maximize distance and players with higher swing speeds should choose woods with stiffer shafts (S, X) to increase accuracy.

Use the table below to find the right flex shaft for you:

Driver Swing Speed (mph) Driver Carry Distance (yds.) Club From 150 yds. Recommended Flex
105-plus 260+ 8 or 9-iron Extra-Stiff (XS)
90-105 240-260 6 or 7-iron Stiff (S)
80-95 210-240 5 or 6-iron Regular (R)
70-85 180-210 4-iron Senior (A)
Less than 70 Less than 180 3-iron/wood Ladies (L)

Frequently Asked Questions: Golf Irons

Q: I am just starting to play golf. What type of iron sets should I consider?
A: We recommend that beginners consider oversize, game improvement models. These types of irons have wider soles and a lower center of gravity which make it easier to get the ball airborne. They also offer better accuracy on off-center hits.

Q: How do I tell the difference between oversize and midsize iron sets?
A: Oversize irons typically have bigger overall head size, very wide soles, deep cavities and a thicker topline at address. These features are all indications that weight has been positioned for maximum forgiveness.

Q: I experience some elbow discomfort during and after a round. Are there iron sets that can help me deal with the pain?
A: Some iron heads feature polymer or rubber inserts in the iron head that help reduce club vibration. Additionally, graphite-shafted iron sets will help reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to your arms on off-center shots. If you play frequently or are looking to reduce the amount of wear on your joints, you may consider switching to graphite shafts.

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