Golfsmith TLP Grip Modifier Tool Skillful golfers throughout history have added weight to their clubs in different places to adjust the club’s balance for correct feel and feedback. Most people have seen lead tape applied to a club’s head or occasionally wrapped around the shaft (just below the grip) to enhance feel. What is not visible is weight added to the butt end of the club. Until now, the various methods used to add weight to the butt end of the golf club have been time-consuming and inconsistent.

The Golfsmith TLP Grip Modifier Tool makes adding weight to the butt end of a golf club – or “backweighting” – incredibly simple. The tool allows clubmakers to drill a precise hole through any grip cap and install the selected Tour Lock Weight in seconds. Should the Tour Lock Weight not create the feel the player is aiming for, it can be easily changed.

When building a new club that is likely to have the Tour Lock Weight added to the butt end, there are a few things the clubmaker can do to make installation smoother. After the butt end of the club is cut to length, apply Grip Tape to the shaft. Install or cut the tape so it hangs over the butt of the shaft by only ¼”. Push the ¼” of excess tape inside the shaft. Next, pour Grip Solvent over the Grip Tape from the bottom of the tape towards the open end of the shaft. This reversal of normal procedure will keep the
Grip Solvent from getting inside the shaft where it might inhibit the Tour Lock Weight from adhering. Once the grip is installed, the Golfsmith TLP Grip Modifier Tool will take care of the rest.

Place the golf club in a vice. Attach the Golfsmith TLP Grip Modifier Tool to a drill, place the centering rod through the hole in the grip cap and drill at a moderate speed. (Once the hole is cut, any excess rubber can be extracted by pulling the centering rod away from the Golfsmith TLP Grip Modifier Tool with pliers.) Be careful! The Golfsmith TLP Grip Modifier Tool will be HOT from friction created by the drill action.

If the golf club has grip tape inside the shaft it will need to be removed. Carefully cut the tape with a sharp blade and pull it out from the shaft with needle nose pliers. It may be necessary to clean the inside of the shaft with alcohol and a cotton swab. Once prepped, insert the appropriate Tour Lock Weight and tighten the 3/16” screw with an Allen wrench. Now the club is ready to be hit.

Full swing golf clubs are constantly being tweaked with weights, but one of the most beneficial clubs to backweight is the putter, making it an excellent choice for your backweighting experiment. If the putter is shorter than standard or just lacks feel, try installing Tour Lock Weights to see what a difference they can make.

Golfsmith TLP Grip Modifier Tool

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