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Advanced clubmakers who feel they have mastered every form of clubmaking can now step up to the next challenge of golf club craftsmanship. Open instruction in custom club building, repair and fitting has been available since 1970. But instruction relating to both clubhead and shaft design and analysis, customized grinding and head shape profiling, in addition to manufacturing techniques and swing analysis for fitting purposes has never been available - until now. Intended for the very experienced clubmaker, the Master Craftsman Program educates participants on the influences of center of gravity, sole shape and bounce, and clubhead length, in addition to methods of shaping and customizing specifications on iron heads.

This program instructs the student on procedures to change an iron’s look at set up, playability on different turfs, achieve customized target weights and alter the clubhead’s center of gravity. In the past, only top-tier touring professionals have had access to this level of golf club customization. The Master Craftsman Program also focuses on clubhead and shaft design, development and manufacturing. Students are exposed to analytical techniques for shafts with advance focus on PUREing, frequency profiling and testing. A technical representative from True Temper Sports presents a portion of the shaft program. A detailed study into the Golfsmith head and shaft synchronization program is also covered. Students are trained to analyze the golf swing for fitting purposes, and observe the ball flight characteristics of different equipment as it is tested on Max Headspeed - the only mechanical testing robot in the golf club components supply industry. Finer details of growing a custom clubmaking business are also covered in this 3-day program, including new marketing techniques, gaining internet sales, keys to developing business in the used club market and techniques for buying, selling and refurbishing used equipment. To keep the instruction focused and intimate, class sizes are limited; so sign up early.

4-Day class includes:

  • Clubhead design and product development techniques.
  • Product manufacturing techniques.
  • Custom Grind Program with hands-on grinding of iron heads.
  • Robot testing and analysis.
  • How to analyze the golf swing for fitting purposes.
  • Shaft design, development, manufacturing and performance evaluation.
  • Shaft PUREing, frequency and other assembly techniques to fine tune a set of clubs.
  • Head and shaft matching for optimum performance.
  • Tapping into the used club market - how to buy, sell and refurbish clubs for a profit.

Price: $475.00

 Call 1-800-456-3344 (U.S) for more information.

2006 Master Craftsman Training Schedule
  • March 27-30 (Mon.-Thurs.)
  • May 15-18 (Mon.-Thurs.)
  • Oct. 2-5 (Mon.-Thurs.)
  • Oct. 10-13 (Tues.-Fri.)