Basic Club Assembly
Installing Ferrules
Shaft Removal
Through-bore Reshafting
Regripping or Gripping Clubs
1. After trimming and prepping the shaft tip for installation, check the clubhead's hosel penetration depth to determine the precise location of the ferrule and mark the shaft at that point.

2. Secure the shaft tip area in a vise and install the ferrule at its correct location on the shaft with an aluminum shaft clamp (as shown), or use the Mr. T Ferrule Installer (#8296).

3. If neither tool is handy, an effective improvised installation tool is a cut-off piece of shaft butt.

4. Mix epoxy and install the clubhead on the shaft. The base of the ferrule should fit tightly against the top of the hosel. Dip a paper towel in solvent and clean up any excess epoxy from around the ferrule. Allow the epoxy to cure fully.

5. If a belt sander is not available, the ferrule can be turned by masking off the shaft and hosel with tape and sanding it down by hand with a fine file and strip of fine-grit sandpaper.

6. A little acetone with a paper towel will restore the ferrule's original shine. Note: Acetone is a powerful solvent and should be used sparingly.

Ferrule Finishing

Many Golfsmith ferrules have outside diameters that closely match those of our iron and metal wood head hosels, and thus require little or no finishing. If your ferrule diameter does not match your hosel diameter, these are the steps clubmakers take to achieve a smooth transition.