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FREE Shipping on orders of $125 or more

About Golfsmith » Core Purpose & Values

  Our Core Purpose: To inspire people to play better and love life more.

Golfsmith Means Playing Better

The dogleg-corner-cutting drive that shuts up your buddies (at least for a while). The 8-iron for eagle that dies into the cup. The “impossible” chip-in that sews up the match. There’s nothing like making that unforgettable shot — except for making the next one.

That’s where we come in. We’re devoted to keeping that great-shot feeling a thrill you can count on round after round. From free custom club fitting, to helping you understand your swing, to talking over your last match, we can’t wait to help you compete.

Playing Better Means Loving Golf

We understand that a lower score is just the start of the story. Playing better opens the door to the bigger things that golf can mean.

Like making lifelong memories with good friends and loved ones. Drinking in the scenery of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Letting all of the game’s challenges and joys transform the way you see the whole world.

Loving Golf Means Loving Life

We’re here to help you have fun and get the most from the game of golf, whether you’ve never touched a club or you’re going for your tour card. Our purpose is to get you where you want to be — on the course with your favorite people, playing your best and loving every minute.

Our Core Values — The principles that charge us up and guide us every day.

  • Passion

    Live it. Love it. Have fun.

  • Innovation

    There's got to be a better way.

  • Service

    Deliver an amazing experience.

  • Relationships

    Let’s get better together.

  • Integrity

    Do the right thing.

  • Impact

    Make a difference.