Golf Club Repair &Customization Services

Whether it’s a classic collectible or just an old favorite, almost any club can find new life in the hands of Golfsmith’s veteran professionals. With more than 40 years experience, we’ve repaired, restored and customized thousands of clubs, of every kind, to original condition or even better.

Reshafting Services

Golfsmith will remove your old shaft and replace it with any new one we sell, plus add a grip of your choice. If a grip is not specified, we will replace it with as close to the same style/size that is currently on your club.



Reshaft Service for an iron or metal wood



Reshaft Service for Bore-Thru iron or metal wood 


   *Cost is for service only. Please add the price of your selected shaft and grip to this charge. A 20% discount will be applied for
the reshafting of six or more clubs. Don’t forget about our SST PUREing Service.


Regripping, Repair and Customization Services

Everything from regripping to swingweight adjustment to rattle removal can be done by our experienced team.


Regrip Service for any Club  



Lengthen or Shorten Club Length



Change Swingweight



Change Loft/Lie on Iron



Remove/Fix Rattle from Head or Shaft



Remove Broken Shaft



Tighten Loose Head  


Cost is for service only. Please add the price of your selected grip to this charge.