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Swing Smarter with Your Mobile Device

Get real-time swing data on your mobile device with the 3Bays Golf Swing Analyzer. This amazing device connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and provide valuable information, such as your club head speed, path, plane and face angle at impact. Once the information is on your mobile device, you can review, record and adjust your swings to really gain consistency in your golf swing.


3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer

10,000 data points captured per swing.

Get an accurate swing arc animation and feedback on 10 key swing parameters, compiled from up to 10,000 data points, all in a sleek design that attaches to your grip and won’t affect your swing or club’s weight distribution. Get the free GSA Pro app downloadable from the App Store.

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5 out of 5

“Since I bought the 3Bays GSA Pro it is like having an instructor with me at all times.” Steve123

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