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Improve your game at GolfTEC

The next step towards a better golf game.

At GolfTEC you'll be using the latest golf learning technology including video analysis and motion measurement for clear and immediate feedback from your own Certified Personal Coach who knows your golf game and is passionate about seeing you improve.

GolfTEC provides the complete arsenal of learning tools to make you the golfer you want to be.

  • Your own Certified Personal Coach
  • Proven Learning Technology
  • Golf Lessons for Every Age and Ability
  • Millions of Lessons Given
  • 95% Success Rate
  • Over 180 Locations including most Golfsmith stores

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Talk with a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach in your area by calling 877-446-5383 or visit

*Golfsmith Gift Cards cannot be used as payment for GolfTEC lessons and services.

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