How to Choose a Tennis Racquet How to Choose Tennis Shoes
  • Power or Control?
  • Prestrung vs. Premium
  • Kids' Racquets
  • Traditional Length vs. Extra Long
  • Head Heavy or Head Light?
  • Open and Dense String Patterns
  • 4 Steps to the Perfect Fit
  • What's Your Foot Type?
  • Shoe Design
  • Check the Flex Point
    How to Choose Tennis String Sizing Charts
  • Types of String
  • Racquet Tension
  • Thick vs. Thin String
  • Reducing String Vibration
  • Men's Shoe Sizing Charts
  • Men's Apparel Sizing
  • Women's Shoe Sizing Charts
  • Women's Apparel Sizing
  • Juniors' Apparel Sizing
    How to Choose Tennis Grips  
  • Overgrip or Replacement Grips?
  • Dry, Tacky or Sticky?
  • Smooth, Perforated, Embossed or Ribbed?
  • How to Measure Your Grip Size

    Special thanks to TENNIS Magazine for much of this material.