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How to Buy a Tennis Racquet

Head Heavy or Head Light?

A racquet's balance is either head heavy, head light, or even. To check a frame's balance, measure it lengthwise and balance it at its exact center. If the head dips down, the racquet is head heavy. If the handle dips down, it's head light.

Head-heavy racquets give you more power on ground strokes but are less maneuverable, which can be a problem at the net. Players who like to rally from the baseline tend to prefer head-heavy frames.

Head-light racquets are easier to maneuver at the net, but they won’t deliver the power of head-heavy frames when you hit from the baseline. Serve-and-volleyers, all-court players, and advanced players who take full swings generally like head-light racquets.

Evenly balanced frames offer a blend of power from the baseline and maneuverability at the net. They usually appeal to all-court players.

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