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How to Buy Tennis Shoes

Tennis is all about balance - you have to maintain good balance when you swing and you have to strike a balance between power and control on your shots. Few people, however, think enough about the balance that has to exist between their feet and their shoes.

The truth is, it's critical that your footwear be properly matched to the anatomy of your feet and the surface you're playing on. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to blisters, ankle and knee pain and loss of movement when you play. But when your shoes and feet are in sync, you'll feel good and play your best on the court.

4 Steps to the perfect fit
  1. Buy shoes after you've played tennis or late in the afternoon (feet typically swell 5 to 10% after exercise or by the end of the day). And be sure to bring the same kind of socks you wear to a match so you can accurately gauge what size shoe you'll need.
  2. Be sure that the length and width of each foot are measured before you buy anything - if the salesperson doesn't measure each part of your foot, he or she isn't fitting your shoes properly. It's not uncommon for people to have one foot that's larger than the other. If that's the case, buy a pair of shoes to fit the larger foot.
  3. Bring your old shoes. The wear on your used pair will help a smart fitter determine how much support, cushioning and durability you need. The salesperson may also ask you what brand of shoes you've worn comfortably in the past.
  4. Based on your foot type, support needs and style preferences, your fitter should be able to recommend at least two or three different pairs to try.

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