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How to Choose Tennis String

Racquet Tension

Whatever string you use, you should restring your racquet as many times a year as you play in a week.

When having a racquet strung, you need to consider the stringing tension (the measure of how tightly your strings are installed). Almost every racquet comes with a manufacturer's recommended tension range - these numbers are usually listed on the inside of the frame's throat and refer to the pounds or kilograms of tension on the frame (to convert kilograms into pounds, multiply the number by 2.2).

Higher tensions offer more control on your shots and lower tensions provide more power. How can you figure out which tension is best for you?

"Start by stringing your racquet in the middle of the recommended tension range," says David Bone, executive director of the U.S. Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA). "If you feel you need more control, increase the tension. If you want more power, decrease it."

Keep in mind that if you have the frame strung outside of the recommended range, you may be voiding the manufacturer's warranty on the racquet, and you could potentially damage the frame.

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