Aldila Brand Store Featuring the VooDoo VS6 Shaft

The Aldila Brand Store

Aldila is the leader, innovator and premier manufacturer of high-performance graphite golf shafts. Clubmakers, PGA Tour Pros and Club Pros use Aldila’s shafts more than any other shafts brand in the world.

Aldila Micro Laminate Shaft Technology

Only Aldila offers Micro Laminate shaft Technology, which translates into consistent shaft flex zones with no dead areas. The result is a slim, stable shaft design that maximizes distance, improves accuracy and offers the “perfect feel” that the Aldila NV shaft is famous for. Read More

Aldila Materials Technology

Aldila is able to maintain consistency by controlling carbon fiber materials from the start. A proprietary resin and a high carbon fiber content in the prepreg results in consistent, lightweight and precise shafts that are “bulletproof” yet maintain performance and feel.