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With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing state-of-the-art golf equipment, Cleveland Golf is dedicated to developing clubs that feel great and produce extraordinary results. Cleveland has long been recognized as an industry leader in product innovation with best-selling wedges. Every day, our team of intelligent, hard-working individuals generates ideas and perfects concepts with a simple goal - to bring as much passion and fun as possible to golfers of all abilities.

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The New 588 RTX 2.0 Wedges

Cleveland Ultralite Driver Family The legendary performance of 588 with our most advanced spin technology and more control. For those seeking a tour proven design, 588 RTX 2.0's progressively varied sole designs make them more versatile than ever.

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588 RTX 2.0 Technology

Cleveland Ultralite Driver Family Our Rotex face technology literally changed the face of spin in golf last year. Rotex 2.0 takes spin control to yet another level. 15% sharper grooves and a new micro-milled Rotex face pattern give these wedges the most surface roughness the USGA will allow. It's Spin 2.0.

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