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Great shots begin with a great grip. Since 1925, Lamkin Grips has been manufacturing performance-enhancing golf grips preferred by club manufacturers, PGA Tour professionals and millions of golfers around the world. With the industry’s broadest assortment of sizes, styles, textures and colors, Lamkin offers the perfect golf grip for every round, every club and every player.

Lamkin UTx

Lamkin’s NEW UTx is a revolutionary multi-layer grip that takes all-weather performance and great feeling playability to a new extreme. The distinctive product is the first to feature the company’s proprietary Tri-Layer Technology, designed to optimize grip feel for enhanced shot-making capabilities and exceptional wet-weather performance. UTx is made up of three functional layers: a foundation made of a super tacky and softer ACE 3GEN material to provide enhanced comfort; a middle layer of moisture-wicking fabric weave for added traction and tremendous grip control; and an outer, firmer ACE 3GEN compound designed to limit torque and minimize shot dispersion.

Lamkin Wrap-Tech

The NEW Wrap-Tech grip from Lamkin features a revolutionary Double-Helix texture engineered to deliver the perfect blend of grip comfort and control.   Wrap-Tech grips are made with Lamkin’s patented ACE (Advanced Cohesive Elastomer) material for unparalleled tackiness and vibration dampening, and an ideal choice for players who don’t wear a glove.  The grip’s unique dual textures and super-tacky surface combine to help golfers minimize their grip pressure while maximizing grip control in all climates and weather conditions.

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