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True Temper Sports is the leader in golf shaft technology and is consistently the number one shaft on all professional tours globally. It is True Temper's mission to be the worldwide innovator and provider of golf club as evidenced by the revolutionary GS75 and the new DG Spinner wedge shaft.

True Temper Technology

DG Spinner Technology

DG Spinner is a one-of-a-kind wedge shaft that delivers improved performance in both past and current groove configurations.

True Temper DG Spinner Hinge Effect
True Temper DG Spinner Hinge Effect
The Hinge Effect
Powered by a specially engineered recessed section just below the grip, DG Spinner creates a distinct hinge effect producing a sharper angle of attack in the downswing. The end result is a shaft that generates lower initial launch conditions at impact with marked improvement in ball spin for trajectory and shot-stopping control.

True Temper Sensicore Technology

SensiCore shafts are equipped with a patented composite polymer core that eliminates up to 70% of unwanted vibration at impact. Less vibration means better feel which translates to added confidence and lower scores. Read More

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