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A New Look for Golfsmith’s Clubmaking Catalog
by: Darron Mauldin

If you’re a longtime Golfsmith clubmaking Guest, you probably noticed some pretty big changes in your 2008 annual catalog: new layout, photography and writing styles, plus a new way of organizing the contents. Why did we rethink the catalog you’ve become so accustomed to? We wanted to give you a better look at all we offer — without leaving anything out.

The biggest change is that technical specifications are now collected in a quick reference appendix at the back of the catalog. Separating clubhead specs from the rest of the content gave us more room to include more data, especially dynamic specs, needed for the most accurate fittings. The new format may take a little getting used to, but we wanted to be sure that you have as much information as we could pack into a limited number of pages.

As always, you can join the Clubmaker Forum and tell everyone what you think — about the new catalog or anything else.

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Golf Digest Salutes the Python XL

Golf Digest

February’s Hot List Issue of Golf Digest shined a spotlight on the Snake Eyes Python XL Driver, giving it honorable mention as a top-quality driver available for less than $300. As the magazine put it, the Python XL “performed well in our player and robot tests” — something those who’ve swung it could have predicted!

Notes from the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show


Golfsmith Clubmaking made a splash at this January’s PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., showing the golf world everything we have to offer — from the Elite Clubfitters and Proplan programs, to our best repair and customization tools, to all our new clubhead models.

Those new clubs snagged a lot of attention at the show’s Demo Day. The Golfsmith team heard enthusiastic responses from people who tried the Snake Eyes Python XL Driver and Viper Tour Driver, as well as the 675 Forged Irons.

Our Master Clubmaker Bill Totten was on hand demonstrating how to set up a club fitting shop, plus showing off our iron and putter bending units. Kody Sweet, Blake Leribeus, Gray Race, Britney Dick and Saoirse Bell from our Austin, Texas, headquarters met with hundreds of Guests. Doug Poole from Golfsmith Europe and Rod Halsall from Golfsmith Canada were also there to meet with our international Guests.

As always, the Golfsmith team came away from the show with lots of new friends and a long list of new ideas. See you there next year!

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