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Spotlight on the New Dynamic Gold High Launch Shaft
by: Steve Weick
Marketing Manager, True Temper Sports

For the past two decades, Dynamic Gold has represented the highest level of golf shaft design, tour-caliber performance and consistency. True Temper now introduces the Dynamic Gold High Launch shaft, developed for lower ball hitters and mid-to-high handicappers.

The new, lighter-weight Dynamic Gold High Launch is designed with a more responsive tip section than its namesake, producing an increased initial launch angle and higher maximum sustained trajectory for improved carry and distance. Dynamic Gold High Launch joins the premium Dynamic Gold Series from True Temper, which includes the classic Dynamic Gold and the super-lightweight Dynamic Gold SL.

As with every golf shaft engineered, designed and produced by True Temper Sports, the Dynamic Gold High Launch shaft was rigorously analyzed through robotic and actual player testing. Compared to the classic Dynamic Gold, the High Launch exhibits as much as a 1.8-degree increase in initial launch angle, with a slightly lower spin rate. In True Temper’s testing, these launch characteristics produced a 6-to 8-foot increase in maximum peak trajectory and a slightly longer carry than the original Dynamic Gold.

These results, along with actual player testing, have shown that the Dynamic Gold High Launch will appeal to a wide range of player profiles, from Tour professionals to higher handicappers. If you currently play the Dynamic Gold and would benefit from a slightly lighter and more tip-responsive shaft, or if you are a low ball hitter and would like to increase your trajectory, the Dynamic Gold High Launch offers a new entry point into the premium Gold Series from True Temper.

Also, to enhance the clubfitting experience, all three shafts in the Dynamic Gold family share identical step patterns, making it possible to change your Dynamic Gold shaft within the family without altering established swingweights. Whether moving from Dynamic Gold to Dynamic Gold Super Light, or to Dynamic Gold High Launch, the classic technology and performance is maintained.

Dynamic Gold High Launch is offered in tapered and parallel iron shaft versions in X100, S300 and R300 flexes. The shaft is also available with SensiCore vibration damping technology to improve feel and absorb vibration at impact.

In short, you can take your game to new heights with Gold technology, crafted from the tour-proven heritage of the most successful golf shaft of all time.

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