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The Evolution of Clubmaker
by: Jeff Sheets

Welcome to the first issue of the Clubmaker magazine online. Many clubmakers are asking us why we have made the transition from paper to an electronic version of the magazine. The answer is simple — evolution.

One of the benefits of moving to the paperless format is the elimination of lead times for the printers. What that means to you is that our articles, test reports and product reviews will be more timely. As soon as a new shaft, grip or head is about to hit the market, we can report on it immediately instead a few months after the fact. (And I no longer will be writing the holiday issue while sitting next to the pool in late summer!)

Going from a print to web-based format also ensures Clubmaker is at your fingertips. Just access the Golfsmith website to pull up the latest articles and read clubmaking and fitting tips from our staff, as well as contribute to the online forum.

We will also be able to incorporate more photos to help better communicate the content of the articles. Our web staff informs me that there are many technological advances that could make reading articles much easier. For example, whenever we reference a product or other website, we will be able to provide a direct link to it from the article. The ability to zoom in on the details of a photo will become available down the road, in addition to audio and video content. This will be a big help with “how to” tips in the future.

Those who prefer to read a hard copy of Clubmaker can always print it out for convenience. Like many, I prefer to have a hard copy I can take into my shop if there are instructions to follow. But there will be no need to print out the entire publication if not desired. Printing only the article you choose will also be your option.

We hope that you enjoy the new online version of Clubmaker magazine. Our staff looks forward to bringing you the industry’s best information on club assembly, fitting, repairs and new products — everything involved in being an outstanding clubmaker.

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