The Right Driver The Right Grip
The Right Iron The Right Graphite Shaft
The Right Wedge The Right Steel Shaft
The Perfect Putter  
Selecting the Right Components

Finding the best driver for your game can be a tough decision, but we have a few helpful tips that should make it much easier.


When selecting an iron clubhead there are three important performance factors to initially consider: trajectory, forgiveness and workability. Learn about these club aspects and find out how to choose the right iron for your game.


The number of — and the design of — the wedges you carry can make a huge difference in saving strokes. Find out more...


Manufacturing putters has become a virtual collision between art and technology as melding several types of materials into all kinds of geometric shapes is quite common. Find out how to choose the most important club in your bag.


With all the grip options out there, you might need our guidelines to help you choose between rubber, synthetic, wrap, slip-on, jumbo, etc....


You might be surprised to learn that there is no standard within the golf industry for governing shaft stiffness or flex. See our charts to help you select the right graphite or steel shaft for your swing speed.