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Selecting the Right Wedge Head

The number of — and the design of — the wedges you carry can make a huge difference in saving strokes. Most golfers today carry three wedges: a pitching wedge to match their irons, a sand wedge to match their skill level in bunker play and a high lofted wedge for stopping the ball quick on short pitch shots.

The wider the sole, the more the wedge should be used from the sand and tall grass. Also, the greater the bounce angle (see information below), the easier it is to get the sand wedge through the sand and get the ball out. Some golfers prefer to use a sand wedge with a bounce sole between 10° and 13°. However, the wider the sole, the less bounce is required to move the wedge through the sand, so wedges with ultra-wide soles and little or no bounce are also effective.

Whether you need one wedge or three, Golfsmith offers a wide selection of wedges to help improve your game.