Every golfer's body and swing are unique to that individual - height, arm length, hand size and swing speed all determine how golf clubs should be designed and fitted.

Golf is a hard enough game - don't make it harder on yourself by using the wrong components. Our online SmartFit System will ensure that each and every golfer, along with their own unique characteristics, is properly fit with custom golf clubs.

There are two ways to custom build your golf clubs online at Golfsmith. If you have never had a custom golf club fitting before, we recommend that you use our SmartFit System - it will walk you through the online club fitting process in a helpful manner - you will be asked for some body measurements, so have a tape measure or preferably a yardstick handy.

If you have previously been fit with custom golf clubs, and know your measurements and the type of club(s) that you want you can just click Proceed to Order, where our easy form will let you order the custom clubs that you want.

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The SmartFit System will walk you step-by-step through the custom club fitting process
Proceed to Order is recommended if you know the specifications of the custom clubs that you want.