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Distributor Information

Would you like to sell your product line through Golfsmith?

Golfsmith is always interested in looking at and evaluating new products for our guests. If you are a vendor and would like to initiate a review please follow the steps below:

  1. Please send all pertinent product information as it relates to the best volume price along with any other product information you deem we need to determine if the product is any item we want to add to our assortment. The information can be sent to the address under # 2.

  2. You may also send a no charge/no return sample, please note it's Golfsmith's policy not to return or pay for samples.

You may send your product submission information to the below address:

Golfsmith International
Attn: ________ Buyer
11000 N. IH-35
Austin, TX 78753

Fill in the blank with the category of product you want us to review. For example: Training Aid, Golf Accessory, Gift, Clothing, Club, Ball, Clubmaking Tool, etc.

If you choose to send a sample and want to confirm that it was received, please make sure you put a tracking # on the product so you can confirm delivery. Due to the high volume of product submissions and calls, we unfortunately cannot return all calls from vendors we currently aren't doing business with. Make sure to include all contact information including mailing address, phone # and email address.

All unsolicited new vendor proposals must follow the above process in order to be considered for inclusion in the Golfsmith assortment.

Thank you for considering Golfsmith International and we look forward to evaluating your product.