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Choosing the right putter is as much about personal style as it is about feel and technology.


The type of putter you use also plays a huge role in your success on the green. There are three-types of putter head designs to consider:


Performance improvement materials are inserted into the clubface to create a smoother roll and enhanced feel. They vary in color, firmness and material and are designed to get the ball rolling and reduce skidding off the club face. Try different inserts to find the one that feels right to you.


Putter length has a huge effect on your stroke. Today's putters range in length from 32" to 52" — all with designs to keep your eyes over the ball. The goal should be to find a putter that fits your putting stroke rather than changing your stroke to fit the putter. If you experience back-pain while putting or during long practices, you might benefit from a belly putter or long putter.

Frequently Asked Questions: Golf Putters

Q: What is the right putter length for me?
A: Putters come in several different standard lengths - typically from 33" to 35". One size does not fit all, so youneed to find the length that feels most comfortable. Make sure the length you choose allows you to keep your shoulders relaxed, does not cause too much pressure on your back, and gets your eyes aligned over the ball. If you struggle with standard length putters, you might want to give a belly putter or overlength putter a try.

Q: What’s the deal with alignment putters? Why are so many pros using them on tour?
A: Alignment putters are designed to help golfers "see the line" of the putt better through visual alignment aids. They help you keep your putter head aligned to the target at address. Even the pros need help sinking more putts and have chosen alignment putters to do so.

Q: Are putters with inserts better than putters without inserts?
A: Using a putter with an insert is a question of personal preference and feel. If you like a softer feel at impact, then try an insert putter. Inserts are made from a variety of materials, so try several to find the one right for you.

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