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Individual One-on-One Golf Lessons

Created to offer one-on-one instruction for all golfers (beginners and established) who desire to learn the game in the most personal and comfortable manner while building a trust with their golf professional. These individual one-on-one lessons cover the basics of:

  • Grip

  • Ball Position

  • Alignment

  • Posture

Along with basics comes the understanding of the pathway to consistency and the creation of a repeating golf swing. This is managed by taking the golfer through the proper steps and methods to grow his/her swing from a short putting/chipping motion, followed by a longer pitching motion and finally establishing a complete full swing while using drills, video, practice tips, etc. to keep the golfer on track and assurance on how to reach his/her goals.

Golfers desiring to take it to the next level can seek a higher level of instruction by virtue of the competitive experience our professional staff has at their disposal. Whether you have a goal to play in competitive individual golf tournaments or desire to qualify for your middle School or high school golf team, we can assist you with your goals.

Individual lessons are offered daily by appointment only; during busy times a 3-5 day notice may be required.

Individual Lesson Pricing:

  • One (30 min.) individual golf lesson is $45.00

  • A series of four (30 min.) individual golf lessons is $160.00

  • One (50 min.) individual golf lesson w/ video is $65.00

  • A series of four (50 min.) individual golf lessons w/ video is $240.00

***All golf lesson series packages include a $65.00 Range Ball Value Card as a token to your efforts to practice the task given as “homework” in between your scheduled golf lessons.***

Junior Golfers

Ages (7-16) are encouraged to take advantage of special prices for individual golf lessons at anytime during the year by appointment as well at the following rate:

Individual Junior Lesson Pricing is as follows:

  • One (30 min.) individual golf lesson is $35.00

  • A series of four (30 min.) individual golf lessons is $120.00